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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wow its been a while since I updated my blog.. Been so busy with growing up lately that ive been neglecting this blog. Its been a year of ups and downs for me. Well at least I finally graduated and finally gotten out of my undergraduate degree but why am I back studying masters??? Sometimes I still wonder if I ever made the right decision to stay back in Australia to continue this studying run. I mean I really do love being in Australia compared to back home but this year feels very much more different compared to last year. In terms of the number of friends left here, the course I am taking (don't get me wrong its not that bad, in fact its actually interesting), the lifestyle. To me its like starting all over again as how I did in my first year just that its so much harder to make friends nowadays. Getting old and anti social .. bahaha...

Anyways hopefully for this new year, I would be able to improve myself in terms of losing weight again and also photography skills.. I should really try to get better at taking people pictures, its so much more interesting and lucrative :P .. Then again if I have the models and the time would that only be able to materialize. I have to try to get into the groove of being hardworking to go all over the place to take interesting shots and edit them. I get so lazy sometimes. Hmm.. talking about editing.. I think I still am yet to edit my NZ photos.. gahh!!!! SO many photos!!! Hopefully I have the time to do it. Need to work and study and placements (teaching small kids) feels like something I wouldn't do really but we will see how it goes.

People have also been asking me why I don't have any interests in most girls (NO im not gay), its just that I have always been interested in one girl. The one girl that I have known since my undergraduate years, that one girl that has rejected me and friendzoned me for that many years. I just don't want to try again you know, just don't want to hurt the current friendship that we have got there. I have had a few friends tell me off why I still want to stick to someone who just want to be friends
but she just feels special to me. Her character, her interests, her cuteness were always the main reason why I liked her. Sometimes I really want to be myself but I get so caught up with trying not to make mistakes that I end up saying or doing things that I think could have been dumb.. Gahh....  I really don't know.. is this an obsession??? I guess she will just only be my dream girl.

Alright I guess I should come back here from time to time to update this and rant all my thoughts rather than keep it in and feel frustrated sometimes.. Hopefully the pics I post here will get more attentions. Anyways time to sign off... :)

10:44 AM

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes the beach tends to have this calming effect on me.... It gives me that time to relax and think what i have achieved throughout this few semesters... 
And i must say, i am at least improving, hopefully i can do better for my next job and be a greater person than who i ever was.... 

Sometimes i really try my best, but it never turns out that way and it can be pretty demoralizing.....
but at least i learned and understand of how this world can really be when we let our guard down.... 
At least from these events i can learn to stand on my own two feet and said that i have done this and in a matter of time i will accomplish whatever i have not done well in.. 

As the sun set, i see myself appreciating more of this world rather than the people living on this earth... 
Life as we know it depends on how we treat the land we live on, its not always about earning that cash and be the most ruthless in the world and by dominating this world, where will u bring those earthly processions when it ends when we are still around? 

Who are we to pollute this beautiful planet that we live on..... 
Maybe one day, earth will just turn into Mars, a planet that could have had live forms... 

So cheers to life and mother nature who created this beautiful scenery for us to witness and be amazed by it... 

10:48 PM

Monday, March 22, 2010

I just heard that my friend hates me ... hmm... i guess i would have seen that coming since what i have done wasnt really nice. Sometimes its really hard losing a friend just like that even though everyone was like bffs but then when friendships get broken apart, the nice things that were done or the help that was given instead of me studying or how much u cared for the person doesnt really mean a thing anymore or it is not considered before the friend ends ties with u, hates just overwhelms all the things that u do. Guess sometimes being too nice was something that should be regretted, instead of wasting time helping people i should have been studying. My friend was never selfish... no no.. dont want to say that... just had lots of problems that made that friend lost and i understood and i never took it at heart and even now after finding out that the friend hates me i still dont take it heart, cause no matter wat we all have our own personalities and beliefs. Things happen for a reason i would say, interesting it maybe or sometimes a turn of events but things happen and its always a decision that we all have to make whether it would be beneficial or not and i would say i made the right choice in just letting this friend make his/her own decision and that decision has been made.

Belief you me, i really did care alot for this friend and sometimes worried about this friend but then never liked to show it cause i felt creating a too close of a bond would make people jealous or hurt people if they misunderstood... so i kept my distance... just like a guardian angel.. haha making myself look good now arent i.. haha but tats my own belief and since this is my own blog im allowed to say it.. bluek.. haha anywayz... not that much of a guardian angel, i just cared.. but sometimes i feel i cared too much till i was blind and most probably became stupid.. cause i always tried to avoid looking too close when i get close by saying something stupid that end up hurting people and that was a regretful thing but i didnt have a choice i had to play the bad guy it was the only way... It was the only way to make a person learn something ( at least i tot it would help) .. by teasing, correcting the english with teasing and keep on repeating it, as the phrase goes "a way to learn is to feel humiliated" ..

Anywayz, no point talking about it, just can only say goodbye and move on right? lolz .... hopefully as time past things will heal but i do wish this friend a good future and a goood life ahead .. no matter wat this friend will always be my sibling and siblings will never be broken no matter what decisions are made cause its my decision. Jason k signing off.. :)

oh btw, i chose the song journey cause not only is it nice but it represents our life before we meet god... and it is a long long journey with many learning experiences on the way.... and its great that we are on this journey before me meet our creator.. :)


8:02 PM

Thursday, February 11, 2010

THis post is an apology for the last post i typed. I typed it out of frustration and that is what i really felt.. the money thing wasnt the issue.... it was the friendship. i dont care if the friend's friend is angry with me for what i said in the last post and apparently called making stories but what i really felt was the lost in friendship. Is it wrong for me to explain how i feel and which i really do feel on my own blog? I can admit that i typed some stuff that were out of contacts and im sorry about that.. but truthfully.... since coming back to australia, i felt that i was treated like a normal friend by my friend after all the things that we have had gone through in australia. i visited my friend and there wasnt much chit chat between me and my friend. Only chat with my other friend. Other than that, my intention of surprising my friend by appearing infront of my friend's house was taken to what i feel... and I FEEL.. (dont misunderstand me) is that he/she was not surprised at all, there was nothing... that was my first heratbreak i would say.... from then on, it got worse and worse and my anger got to me and i really was at an all time low. Guess all this while, i wasnt really a best friend i was just a normal friend. I knew that my friend cared for me sometimes and i really thank he/she for that but really since coming back to malaysia, i really never felt that anymore, it was like everything was left back in australia. It was like a whole new world, a new friendship... and that is why i changed.. i stopped talking.. i came angry... i couldnt care less anymore.

Anywayz.. forget it... what has been done had been done, i started it all and i take responsibility for my actions and i have already taken off my last post and sincerely apologize to this friend. If he or she wants to accept it, its my friend's decision. Its going to be CNY already anywayz, i just want to forget everything and move in to the new year.. it is time to forgive and forget and really start a new year. Since typing the last post i have realised my mistake and at least i cooled down, so now i ask u would U??

Hope u dont misunderstand my whole post. if u think what i have typed was wrong then let me know.. cause i was just typing how i feel..

11:10 PM

Friday, January 01, 2010

ITs the new year... happy new year everyone.... everyone is hoping for a new beginning to a new year and everybody is looking forward to 2010 cause not only is world cup is coming.. but also its a year where everybody have or at least most of them have graduated and will be going through a masters degree or even go work......and i wish all of u luck as i still have another 1 and a half years to go with uni life...

3:16 PM

Monday, December 07, 2009

Its finally end of the year and everything in uni has passed... but then what to do in Melbourne?? Feel so lazy sometimes to really explore the new places in Melbourne... The likes of Sexpo, or even the new DFO that just opened recently doesnt really amuse me.... DFO.....................so freaking boring.. lolz.. a haven for girls who love to shop... but never the guys favourite place... but after staying in Melbourne for 2 years i learned that the shops here are all practically the same.. shops like jayjays or cotton on are all over the place and in all shopping malls selling the same thing at the same price although some look good but common.. after 2 weeks of shopping in this places.. u get bored.. and melbourne tends to have sales quite frequently.. its so frequent that the sales make the clothes look like it is sold at the price and never at the original price which means that there is basically no sale. Im soooo bored that im actually talking about shopping.. OMG!!! lolz...

The days i miss my friends and uni and badminton and bowling..... i have long forgotten bowling and the joy of bowling due to the expensive balls that is thrown into the drain in australia is just too expensive to bear.... but i guess soon ill be back in Johor throwing all i want in Johor... but i really love badminton.... really my dream sport.... how awesome it is to learn the skills of the real badminton players and testing it on the courts marvels me...... being able to learn what the pros learn gives me more excitement to the game.... ahh.. the rants that im doing.......... cause of boredom... somebody!! get me out of this boredom... lolz.. anywayz....... everyone, hope u all have a great holiday and a great graduation to most of u and wish u well for the future!!! :) jasonk signing off!!!
6:31 PM

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Hello everyone… I hope everyone had a great merdeka!!! All I can say about mine is.. even though I am so far away from Malaysia.. I still get to experience the atmosphere of the merdeka spirit and not only did I get to enjoy merdeka.. I got to enjoy my first time clubbing in MELBOURNE city!! Woohoo!! Awesome!!! And on top of that… I drank lots of booze… and a couple types… drank a whole bottle of vodka and ended or basically celebrated merdeka by downing the whole bottle of CORONA beer in 1 minute… Wild night.. danced till my hearts content and when it was 2 am ( 12 malaysian time) we sang the Malaysian anthem, club style.. XD and the merdeka song which I basically just hum-med through it cause I forgot how to sing.. haha..

We entered the club at about 1030 pm and partied all the way to the wee’s hours.. I think when me and my friends reached my friend’s apartment.. it was already 6am.. lolz.. Anywayz.. there were moments where i feeling really woozy till I couldn’t dance anymore.. and had ringing in my ears for 2 days straight because we were dancing in front of the super huge speakers.. Made some new friends there while clubbing and also met some old friends there.. U might have noticed that in the pictures im not wearing my spectacles…. Well.. I really wasn’t wearing it and was partially blind cause the girls forced me not to wear it due to the leng chai look I had when I wasn’t wearing it ( According to them at least).. lolz…. So because of that.. I couldn’t see any leng lui’s.. haizz.. the only disappointment.. but I had lots of fun banging girls butt cause the banged into mine while dancing.. XD and the girls here are awesome… the just dance with u even tho they don’t know u…especially when they know u how to dance.. HEHE… There were also some pretty irritating times where people wanted to get out of the dance floor and they squeezed their way out through the group but in the end we still had loads of fun!!!

Anywayz… now its time for assignments… haizz.. miss merdeka now.. lolz.. hope u all are doing well with ur assignments.. its hell.. but I guess everyone will pass through!!! So that’s all for now from me.. JasonK signing off.. ciaoz!!! ;)

9:41 PM


Hello everyone.. jasonk here.. this blog has no rules.. just chat in the tagboard when ur free..and take care :D and i will update my songs frequently so watch out for it yah!!! have a nice day!!


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